Town of North Providence & North Providence School District



Project Overview


Welcome to the North Providence District-wide School Construction Program website!

Over the next 5 years, the Town of North Providence and North Providence School District will be making a transformative investment in its school facilities. The Construction Program is made up of the following elements:

Renovation to the existing High School Auditorium

Administrative Addition to the North Providence High School

The construction of new elemetary schools to replace Centerdale, Greystone, and Whelan elementary schools.


Each design is based on the following high-level requirements developed through comprehensive visioning sessions with Town, Committee, and School Department stakeholders:

1. Create 21st Century Learning Environments for all students in North Providence

2. Design all facilities to be equitable across the District.

3. Maximize RIDE reimbusement to mitigate taxpayer burden.

4. Ensure all projects are delivered on time/on budget.


In addition to those core requirements, visioning sessions have also outlined the following objectives:

– Create welcoming, thoughtful facilities which reflect the character and people of North Providence.

– Provide Media Centers in all schools, plus dedicated Art, Music, Special Education, & STEM classrooms.

– Diversify size & capabilities of shared  learning environments to allow for scaling by faculty.

– Decrease energy usage and operating / maintenance costs.

– Provide dedicated support spaces for students, teachers, & staff.



Project Timeline and Status

February - March, 2023

Designer Procurement & Selection

February 15, 2023

Stage II Submitted to RIDE

November 2022

Leftfield appointed as OPM

February 15, 2022

Stage I Submitted to RIDE

February 15, 2022

Letter of Intent Submitted to RIDE



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Stand by for project updates coming soon